Before and After School

Our A.M. Care session runs 7:00am to 8:45am. During this time your child will have an opportunity to create art, play games, and finish homework. Let us know if you sign your child up for a morning class outside of DAS (choir, spanish, etc.). We can help with the transition.

Our P.M. Care session runs from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. We provide a healthy snack at 3:00, directly after school. Let us know if your child is participating in an after-school class. We will sign them in with us and then help with the transition to the class, and back to DAS. Your child will also have an opportunity to work on homework, participate in art projects and sports activities and enjoy playing on the playground. At 5:00, we offer a string cheese stick to help stave off hunger until dinner time at home. Some children bring an extra snack for 5:00, saved in their lunchbox.


Dear Parents-
In the six years that I have had children in DAS, demand for the program’s Before and After Care, All Star Days (previously Plan-B) and Pre-Kindergarten has grown exponentially.  There was no line the first year I registered my now 5th grader for Pre-K.  There was no question that we could get the care we needed on the days we needed it.  That is, unfortunately, just not the case anymore.

Two years ago, DAS successfully expanded the aftercare program from 60 spaces per day to 90 spaces per day.  This is the maximum number of children DAS can care for given the limitations of space available to us at Duniway.  There is no potential to expand the program’s capacity further. We understand that this unfortunately does not allow us to provide care to every family to the full extent that they need it.

 The DAS Board of Directors, comprised of 11 parent volunteers, has heard from families that the registration process is frustrating.  This frustration has prompted us to take the feedback we have been given and, through many hours of careful consideration, update the registration policies for Before and After Care, as well as All Star Days.

The first change is to move up the registration dates for the 2018-19 school year.  Previously, we registered for Before Care, After Care and All Star Days in late May.  For those families who do not get a space, or who do not get all of the care they need, we are moving the registration dates forward to allow more time for seeking alternative child care for the 2018-19 school year.

The second change is to the priority of registration.  This year, there will be no line for DAS registration.  Instead, registration will be done in waves.  The registration waves are as follows:

 Monday, April 9th at 7 AM to Thursday, April 12th at 6 PM

Current families can automatically retain their current schedule.  Beginning on April 9th, all current families will be given a registration worksheet with their child’s 2017-18 DAS schedule (one form per child).  The parent will then sign and return the form before 6 PM on April 12th to retain the current schedule (or remove one or more days from the schedule).  The parent may also indicate if they would like to add care for the upcoming school year, but this will not be automatically granted.

 After we know how many students will be returning to their current schedules, we will register siblings of current students.  We will then look to register current students looking to add care, as stated on their registration form.

 Tuesday, April 17th at 7 AM to Friday, April 20th at 6 PM

Below is the registration form to be entered into our lottery system!


Any family not currently utilizing DAS may submit a registration form with their preferred care schedule.  ALL of these registration forms will be entered into a lottery-type system and priority will be granted based on the lottery.  In order to participate in the lottery, your form must be submitted by Friday, April 20th at 6 PM.  We will then let families know as soon as possible what position they received in the lottery.  Any spaces available will be offered to the first family in the lottery, then the second, etc.

 Again, I want to be clear that there is NO LINE for DAS registration for the 2018-19 school year.  Please just submit your registration form (current families, the forms will be provided to you the week of April 9th) within the registration dates identified above.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of my fellow board members, with any questions or comments you have.

Best regards,

 Heather Austin, Board President

DAS Registration Policy 2018 (2)

DAS Board of Directors

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