Plan B

plan-b-300x171Our “In-service care” (formerly Plan B)  option offers care on days that the regular school schedule is interrupted. These days include all eight late openings, in-service days and parent-teacher conference days where there is no school. (See our calendar on the main page of our site)

We offer In-service care to help provide continuity and consistency of care for Duniway students. We know how hard it can be to re-arrange your schedule to accommodate constantly fluctuating child-care needs on days when school is closed or has limited hours. Let us help ease these transitions in schedule by registering your child for our In-service care option.

Remember, to utilize this plan, as well all other DAS care sessions, your child must be registered with our program.  You can reserve your child’s spot today by completing the registration form and the other required paperwork. If you are registering for Pre-K or School-Age care, just select the in-service care option on your registration form.

Late opening days will not affect the start time of DAS Pre-K classes. However, Pre-K will be closed for all other Duniway non-school closure days (in-service, parent-teacher conference days, inclement weather, etc.). For this reason, we  offer a separate in-service package for Pre-K families.